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What Is Weightlifting? Is It For You? Can You Benefit From it? Which Category Suits You Best?

By Boni Ebron for exercise-and-health.com

To many people, weightlifting means just that – lifting weights. But it is an exercise with weights that can help lead to lifetime fitness. To people who are knowledgeable in the world of weightlifting, there are different categories to consider; it can mean weight training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, strength or resistance training, and simple muscle toning for lifetime fitness.

Weight training in weightlifting is for people who lift weights not necessarily for the purpose of competing. It is often used to improve their performance in another field of sports competition, and of course, to improve body physique and general health for lifetime fitness as well.

Resistance training is another category of weightlifting. Weights, machines and some other devices are used to resist the movement, thus creating a resistance in every movement of the muscles. And because of this intense resistance, improvement in the strength and size of the muscles is the end result.

Powerlifting, although not as widely practiced as weightlifting, has become a very popular sport. Strength is the main objective and focus. Although powerlifting has become very popular it is not an Olympic sport.

In bodybuilding, the weightlifting focus is to develop the muscles. The main objective of bodybuilders is to eliminate fat and develop more muscles thereby gaining strength, general well-being and lifetime fitness. By using weights they are able to shape their bodies symmetrically in proportion to the other part of the their body.

For an increasing number of people, young and old alike, they venture into weightlifting for muscle toning for lifetime fitness. In this category, the weights used are generally light and is usually done in conjunction with their aerobic workouts.

A word of caution, please consult your doctor first before engaging yourself in any weightlifting activity.

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