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Not All Tummy Exercises Work For Everyone

By Eddie Smyths for exercise-and-health.com

When an individual wants to learn tummy exercises to tone and slim their abdominal area, not every crunch or exercise you hear or read about will do what you want. While your lifetime fitness program might just have exercises that work on your abdominal area, not everyone has a regular exercise routine and would like to simply target their abs. After you learn how to achieve your target heart rate for the most effective workout using exercise equipment or other means of exercise, here are a few ab exercises to get you targeting traditional problem areas.

The first exercise that targets your tummy is one where you lie down on your back with your feet on the floor, almost as if you’re getting ready to do crunches. Next, raise your head off of the floor and try to make contact with your ankle using your hand while moving from side to side. While you are doing this, picture how a penguin moves and your movements should almost mimic the flippers. You should be able to feel the exertion in your abdominal area after a short time.

Traditional crunches have been effective in both mens health and womens health for some time. The way a person exercises when they do their crunches is key to an effective workout. Implement proper breathing while you exercise. Before raising your head off of the floor, breathe in while drawing your belly button towards the floor. When you lift your head off of the floor, breathe out. The thought behind why crunches aren’t effective for an ab exercise for many people is that they aren’t breathing properly for the exercise. Remember to breathe in on the floor and breathe out when going up.

You can find a great many exercise machines available that claim to give a person an effective abdominal workout. Check as many reviews as possible before committing to a huge investment. With a healthy lifestyle and diet to maintain good health, you can perform basic abdominal exercises at home with results in just a few short weeks.

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