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The Total Gym Is Made For Complete Toning And Strength Exercise

By Eddie Smyths for exercise-and-health.com

The Total Gym models are designed to tone and strengthen just about every major muscle group in your body. You can journey down a path of lifetime fitness while achieving your target heart rate with every workout with this exceptional piece of exercise equipment. You can enjoy a total body workout at home with your own personal gym anytime that suits your lifestyle.

Exercise and proper diet are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in both mens health and womens health. This gym is an excellent way to exercise at home and strengthen your body as well as improve your health.

When you get the gym at home, it comes completely assembled and you can begin your exercises in just a few minutes. It is made of steel construction with chrome side rails, chrome handles, clear cables and a box stitched seat for comfort.

While the appearance of the gym is magnificent, your workout will be just as impressive. This gym offers more than 60 exercises to train over eighty percent of your upper and lower body, an optimum incline so that you can control your desired amount of resistance and a 3-pin height adjustment assembly mechanism. The gym is also completely portable to move anywhere in your home and comes with a video and one-year warranty.

With this versatile gym, you can train with natural multi-plane exercises and enjoy the results while working out as little as 20 minutes a day at home. You exercise in natural movements much as you move in everyday life to minimize the stress on your muscles. With your new gym, you can enjoy a beautiful new body and outstanding physical performance.

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