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Heart Rate: Master It For Maximum Exercise Benefits

By Patricia Irene Jones for exercise-and-health.com

The heart rate is your body’s heartbeat per minute. Ordinarily, not everyone would be interested in knowing what his or her heartbeat rate is. However, if you were pursuing your lifetime fitness and health goals, you would want to know what your current heartbeat rate is before, during and after your workout to get the maximum benefits out it.

In order to get maximum benefits out of your exercise, you must perform it with the right intensity level. But how would you know what the right intensity level is? By measuring your heartbeat rate. It is the only accurate measurement of your current intensity level.

Once you know your current heartbeat rate, the next thing to find out is your target heart rate. Each person has his or her own minimum and maximum target rate zone. This is also your safe zone. If your current heartbeat rate is below your minimum, you are not exercising enough but if it is over your maximum, it is considered unsafe and you should slow down. Exercising within your target rate zone maximizes the benefits of your exercise.

Another important rate to know is your recovery rate. It is usually used to measure your fitness level after exercising. And then there is also your resting rate, which is your heartbeat rate when you are at complete rest. When you are at rest, your heart exerts less effort to pump blood to your whole body.

When you exercise regularly your will improve your endurance level. As a result, your heart will exert less effort in pumping oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. The objective is to avoid overworking the heart. This will decrease your resting and exercise heart rates and will also indicate the physical condition of your body.

Please make sure that you consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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