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The Heart Rate Monitor Has Come A Long Way In Two Decades

By Eddie Smyths for exercise-and-health.com

The first wireless heart rate monitor was presented in 1983 and has undergone a number of improvements for better exercise and fitness readings since then. Heart monitors are a wonderful addition to any lifetime fitness program to reach a target heart rate, which benefits both mens health and womens health. When a person does their best to maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise, a healthy diet and uses exercise equipment regularly, a heart monitor is an essential piece of equipment to complete your health routine.

There have been numerous improvements made to heart monitors over the years. Some of them include the ability to record a great deal of information, coded transmission process to reduce interference with other heart monitors, the ability to set the monitor for training modes and the ability to download the recorded information onto a computer and analyze it with specific software.

A number of factors can affect the heart rate aside from exercise. Some of these include illness, stress, medication, caffeine, temperature, overexertion, hydration levels and cardiac drift (the increase in heart rate observed over time while a person exercises at a ceaseless workload.

Monitoring your heart rate is a useful factor in watching the reaction of the body to training and exertion. A heart monitor is the perfect and most accurate method in measuring and recording the heart rate during any activity.

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