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By Eddie Smyths for exercise-and-health.com

If your employer doesn’t offer group health insurance or you are self-employed, you will find yourself searching for the best health insurance quotes available to suit your health needs. When lifetime fitness is a primary goal for you and your family, you are simply unable to go through life without an insurance policy. You can find the resources to get a number of affordable quotes on a variety of policies to suit your coverage needs.

The variety of insurance options available can vary a great deal. You can insure yourself with a policy that is fee-for-service, HMO or even PPO protection. While all of these are common insurance options, you should shop around for the best quote, as coverage and costs can vary from insurance company to insurance company and consider your needs for both mens health and womens health.

Fee-for-Service health insurance is considered to be the traditional kind of coverage that is offered to families. This kind of policy lets the patient decide whom the doctors are and what hospitals are that they would like to visit. The freedom that comes with this kind of health insurance lets the covered parties use any hospital in the country. This is the kind of plan that existed before HMO’s and PPO’s. The coverage of the plan is usually a predetermined percentage and the insured pays the balance.

HMO’s offer an insurance that is pre-paid plan that a person or an employer pays a determined monthly fee for services in place of a separate charge for every visit or special service. You can only choose a physician who is under contract with your particular HMO.

PPO’s (Preferred Provider Organization) is as close to a combination of an HMO and a fee-for-service. You can choose your own primary care doctor, but like an HMO, you can only see a specific set of doctors or choose from specific hospitals. There are exceptions to different policies depending on the provider.

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