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Gold’s Gym Is The Leader In Health And Fitness Centers

By Eddie Smyths for exercise-and-health.com

Gold’s Gym has established itself as the leader in fitness, exercise and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Whether you simply want to work out to reach your target heart rate or are dedicated to a lifetime fitness program, you can’t find a better place to exercise than Gold’s. You can find the best exercise equipment, cardiovascular machines and even diet supplements each time you visit the gym.

Gold’s has provided some interesting and entertaining statistics to show their equipment offerings and outstanding commitment to both mens health and womens health. To begin with, an estimated 1,700,000 flights of stairs are climbed by their members each day. That is equal to 11,000 Empire State Buildings.

Using Gold’s equipment and facilities, their members run about 556,800 miles a day, which is about 23 times around the earth. They hike 236,670 miles each day, which is 750 times around the earth. On the gym’s weight machines, they lift 3.6 billion pounds per day equaling more than the weight of all the gold bars in Fort Knox. The most impressive claim is that Gold’s members lose 43,835 pounds of body fat each day.

Gold’s has 550 gyms worldwide and in 43 states in the United States. With 2 ½ million members, Gold’s has established itself as the only place to go for fitness and exercise. The gym offers exercise equipment as well as personal trainers and diet supplements so that anyone who has made the commitment to a healthy lifestyle can find everything they are looking for at Gold’s.

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