Using BMI Is Only One Way Of Determining Health Risks

By Eddie Smyths for exercise-and-health.com

BMI stands for body mass index, which is the assessment of body fat based on weight and height that is applicable to both mens health and womens health. While you can allow for the volume of muscle weight due to bodybuilding or lifetime fitness, the body mass index chart is a tool used in target weight and exercise programs. You can use these charts along with a number of other factors in determining your health risks.

The kind of calculator you use when determining your body mass in relation to your height and weight can easily be found online. You simply need to enter your height and weight into the chart and click a button to determine where you are as far as ideal weight in relation to being overweight or underweight.

While your body mass index plays an important role in determining your health, you need to consider a number of other factors. These include physical activity, blood pressure, diet, weight circumference, cholesterol level, blood sugar level and your family’s history of disease.

When you find where you stand using one of these charts and discover you are overweight, obviously you should try not to gain any more weight. See your doctor to find out the best options for a weight program to attain your target heart rate while become fit and slimmer. Your doctor can also let you know if you are at increased risk for disease due to his or her findings.

Whatever your body mass index might be, talk about the results with your doctor. Your results along with the other factors might put you at an increased risk for disease. You can then develop a plan for healthy living and what the best exercise equipment or routine you should implement into your daily life.

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