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Use A Bmi Calculator To See If Your Weight Is Affecting Your Health

By Eddie Smyths for exercise-and-health.com

A bmi calculator (body mass index calculator) is something most people are not aware of. It is a chart used to measure the amount of mass taking into account a person’s weight and height. This can be an invaluable calculation when planning a lifetime fitness program. It is also the top measurement choice of physicians and researchers who are studying obesity.

A body mass index calculator helps you determine if your weight could be affecting your health. Your body mass index can show you if you are at risk. The bmi is a measure by which you can calculate a person’s weight and height to estimate total body fat in adults. For example, if a person has a bmi of 26 to 27, they are about 20 percent overweight. This is considered to carry average health risks in both mens health and womens health. The higher the bmi, the higher the risk is of arising health problems.

Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are all connected to being overweight. Experts declare that people who are overweight but have no other health risk factors should have a healthier diet and use exercise equipment regularly to prevent any additional weight gain. If a person is overweight and also has health risks, talk to your doctor about actively trying to loose weight.

The federal government declared guidelines in 1998 that created a new definition of healthy weight, which is a bmi of 24 or less. You can find a free calculator online to find out your bmi. If you discover you fall into a range that may put you at risk, call your doctor to discuss the results.

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