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Abdominal Exercises Strengthen Your Abs

By Eddie Smyths for exercise-and-health.com

Abdominal exercises are a great way to work out and get those toned and well-defined abs that you’ve always wanted. Not only will you get the look you want, but you can also add these exercises to your lifetime fitness program and use it as a tool to work towards your target heart rate. While you can find exercise equipment available to work on your abdominal area, they aren’t always necessary. For mens health and womens health routines, here are a few suggestions to add to your weekly exercise regimen and flatten out your tummy.

For the first exercise for your abs, begin by lying on the floor with the lower part of your legs supported up on a step or chair. Relax your legs as much as possible. Put one thumb behind each ear so that your fingertips make contact behind your head but are not intertwined. Lift your head, neck and shoulder blades off of the floor and rotate your torso to the left while leading with your right shoulder. Turn back to the center and then rotate to the right with your left shoulder and back to the center again. While you are lifting and twisting, squeeze your abdominals.

The next exercise for the abs requires you to lie down on your back with your knees bent, feet off of the floor and ankles crossed. Squeeze your abdominal muscles while letting your head and shoulders raise a little bit. Don’t lift your head and shoulders first and focus on your abdominal muscles. Your head and shoulders will rise on their own. Hold your tightened muscles while pulling your knees up towards your chest. You will feel this in the abdominal area. Lower your legs, relax your abs and repeat.

There are many other exercises and crunches you can add to your exercise routine. In addition to maintaining your health with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, you will see, feel and enjoy the results of your ab workouts.

abdominal exercises

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abdominal exercises

Abdominal Exercises

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