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Abdominal Exercises For Great Looking Abs! Do You Have Great Abs? Would You Like to Have Great Abs?

By Boni Ebron for exercise-and-health.com

Many people admire great abs. Many people dream of having great abs that makes them proud and become the envy of many. However, abdominal exercises alone will not give you great abs. Abdominal exercises, as part of a well-rounded exercise program and a proper healthy diet, can give you the results that you’ve always wanted.

Great looking abs requires a lot of hard work and commitment. The goal is to eliminate as much body fat as possible that covers the abs muscles and to tone or harden the muscles that make up the abs. Torso fat must also be eliminated and can be done with the help of a proper diet. Abdominal exercises strengthen abdominal muscles. It will firm your stomach and strengthen your back and will also contribute to lifetime fitness.

Make sure to get yourself tested for body fat percentage before starting. This will give you a reference point when evaluating your progress later on. For beginners, learn the basic abdominal exercises such as:

  • Oblique Crunch – good for your lower abdominal;
  • Raised-Leg Crunch – good for strengthening your abs with added cardiovascular benefits;
  • Stomach Crunch – a classic exercise that will give you excellent results; and the
  • Toe-Touch Crunch – good for working your abs and strengthen your thighs.
  • In addition to abdominal exercises, you must prepare yourself to alter your diet and eating habits. Daily protein intake must be increased. Protein is the main food fuel needed in eliminating body fat. Great looking quality abs can be attained faster by reducing your carbohydrate intake.

    Contact your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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